Dec 162010

As I start to wrap up another year in the Studio, it’s always enjoyable to reflect upon the year’s events.

It has been epic and challenging in ways that I didn’t expect; the two biggest changes to my working life being my move to a lovely new studio and the birth of this very blog.

The latter in particular, along with my entry into the Twittersphere, has had a profound affect on the business.

Approaching 10,000 page views since its inception, existing clients have been kept in the loop (and seem to have enjoyed having their work on show) whilst an altogether new audience has come my way too; new clients have found me, images have been sold directly from these pages and the introduction of Weekend Videos has sparked a whole new level of surprise traffic!

So, thank you 2010—it’s been huge, albeit completely at odds with any script I would have dreamed up.

And of 2011?

I’m looking forward to stoking the irons in the fire, to BALTIC hosting the Turner Prize and, of course, wishing Alec Finlay the very best fortune in the Northern Art Prize next month…

I’ll look forward to seeing you all on the other side.

Finally, I thought I would leave with links to the posts that, in my opinion, have formed some of the highlights to my early blogging career.

These are some of the posts from March to November (click on the images below to be taken to their respective posts);  there are good’uns in December too—just scroll down further to see those!

Ministry of Sound Chilled Anthems II

Ministry of Sound | Chilled Anthems II

Diageo Summer Drinks Poster Campaign

Diageo | Summer Drinks Poster Campaign

Alec Finlay's Sky Wheel

Alec Finlay | 'Sky Wheel'

Tariq Dajani's Arabian Horses

Tariq Dajani | Arabian Horses

Paul Kenny's Summer Show at An Tobar, Mull

Paul Kenny's Summer Show at An Tobar, Mull

Ministry of Sound Anthems R n B

Ministry of Sound | Anthems R&B

Alistair Hood

Alistair Hood | Gentle Portraits

Andrew Shaylor and the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club

Andrew Shaylor | Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club

Tomás Saraceno's 14 Billions at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

Tomás Saraceno | '14 Billions' at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

Sophie Ingleby's 'Known/Unknown'

Sophie Ingleby | 'Known/Unknown'

Julian Germain

Julian Germain | Master Of All Trades

Paul Kenny's Ephemeral World

Paul Kenny's Ephemeral World

Marcus Coates Galapagos

Marcus Coates | Question and Answers

Nexus' Sunderland Station Renovation

Nexus' Renovation of Sunderland Station

Tillman Crane

Tillman Crane | The Analogue Explosion

Colin Barker Part of the Pack

Colin Barker | Part of the Pack

Julian Calverley's Edition Prints

Julian Calverley | Edition Prints

Dan Holdsworth's 'Blackout' at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

Dan Holdsworth | 'Blackout' at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

Alec Finlay, shortlisted for The Northern Art Prize 2010

Alec Finlay | The Northern Art Prize 2010

Dec 112010

I see lots of wonderful photographs and videos in the Cybersphere through any given week, as I guess we all do.

Some of them are really striking and memorable and, over the weekends to come, I’ll share with you the one that has struck me the most through the working week.

Here’s the first, “Dark Side of the Lens”:

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

Dec 102010

Rachael Clewlow's UK Map InfographicOver the past few days, I have enjoyed working with Rachael Clewlow on two of her new acrylic pieces—not least for my love of infographics!

You may have seen from my last post that my trusty Fuji Lanovia has been running ten-to-the-dozen lately. All the stops have been pulled out again for the scanning of Rachael’s works, each around 140cm long…

Scanned in several parts and meticulously stitched together, it is always my endeavour to treat the reproduction as sympathetically as possible; it’s a challenge to differentiate the pencil markings in my Archival Pigment Prints from the original, particularly where Rachael’s pencil signature sits beside printed elements.

Here’s an explanation of the pieces from Rachael:

“The UK map is made up of circles, each representing a place I’ve visited and colour coded for elevation (height of the land fall above sea level).

“It is comprised of 56 colours, which run from magenta through to a dark purple, contrasted with a yellow through to green.

“The map is above the key at the top of the painting.  The key, below, is made in two parts – on the left hand side the towns/cities of which the map comprises are in alphabetical order, so the colours appear in a random order. On the right hand side the colours appear in tonal strips, yellow through to green and magenta through to purple, and represent the elevation.”

Rachael Clewlow's UK Map Infographic

The Archival Pigment Prints are made with HP's DJz3200 and Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm

Rachael Clewlow's UK Map Infographic

Rachael Clewlow's UK Map includes Newcastle, of course...

And the second piece? A map of London:

Rachael Clewlow's London Map Infographic

Rachael continues:

“This is taken from the London OS map. It is comprised of 56 places I have visited over the last few years along the Thames, through central London, some of them very well known others not so much.

“Each place is carefully plotted out and marked with a grid reference point and a target. Each target is colour coded and made up of two contrasting colours, going through the same colour spectrums as in the UK map. For example, a strong magenta and a lime green are paired together, and  bluish/purple is paired with a strong yellow.”

Rachael Clewlow's London Map Infographic

Rachael Clewlow's London Map

Dec 032010

David Todd's Battle of WaterlooIn the latter part of this year, I’ve enjoyed working with David Todd on two of his fantastical drawings.

The high resolution scans of David’s work (made with my Fuji Lanovia) are as beautiful as ever, enabling the production of the edition—Twenty A1 Archival Pigment Prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm.

The latest piece, ‘The Battle of Waterloo’ truly is a sight to behold—the detail is so meticulous that the viewer sees something new every time.

Here is the drawing in its entirety, followed by photographs depicting some of the details within the print:

David Todd's Battle of Waterloo

David Todd | 'The Battle of Waterloo'

David Todd 'The Battle of Waterloo'

David Todd 'The Battle of Waterloo'

David Todd 'The Battle of Waterloo'

David Todd 'The Battle of Waterloo'

And finally, a glimpse of ‘The Battle of Britain’…

David Todd 'The Battle of Britain'

David Todd | 'The Battle of Britain'

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