Feb 162011

Just as with his Seaworks, Paul Kenny’s latest camera-less imagery continues to strike a chord among his audience.  Such is the interest, two shows have already been lined up for the coming year, more news of which will follow soon.

For the moment, the seawater samples are put to one side as Paul returns to his forays with leaves, picking up where he left off many years ago.

Here is Paul’s latest piece with the simple working title of Hydrangeas:

Paul Kenny's Hydrangeas

Paul Kenny's latest piece, 'Hydrangeas'

I am, as ever, very pleased to have printed this for Paul using HP’s Designjet Z3200 and Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm.

A truly archival ink and paper combination, with permanence ratings in excess of 250 years under normal display conditions:

Print by Jack Lowe of Paul Kenny's Hydrangeas

'Hydrangeas'—Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm

Feb 162011

Welcome to Blog Post 75.

How appropriate that one small milestone should be used as a vehicle to describe another small milestone—the servicing of my main workhorse, the 44″ HP Designjet Z3200.

During the overhaul, I couldn’t resist capturing some of it for posterity.

I love these artifacts, as I can’t help but think of the story they tell.  Without its aesthetic cloak, the printer looks like some out-of-action robot awaiting new limbs.

The ink-soaked parts and surfaces are almost documentations or, indeed, artworks in themselves.

Anyway, I enjoyed looking, so I thought you might too…

HP Designjet Z3200 during a full service

My HP Designjet Z3200 looking not so useful!

HP Designjet Z3200 Service Station

The ink-soaked Service Station...

HP Designjet Z3200 Service Station

...now decommissioned and replaced.

HP Designjet Z3200 Carriage Drive Belt

Finally, the decommissioned carriage drive belt.

Feb 162011

George Shaw’s exhibition opens this week as part of the Spring 2011 programme at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.

The show, entitled “The Sly and Unseen Day”, runs until 15th May.

I’m proud to have worked on another of the huge 20 metre banners hanging on the wall of this vast building.  As before, I made a high resolution scan of the 5×4″ transparency documenting the original painting and optimised the file ready for output at such a size…

George Shaw "The Sly and Unseen Day" Banner at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, "

George Shaw's "The Sly and Unseen Day" Runs Until 15th May 2011

Feb 132011

Although this clip has recently appeared at the end of my Alternative Negative post, I feel it deserves a more prominent position as a ‘Weekend Video’.

Regular visitors will perhaps have noticed my appreciation for the paraphernalia of photography along with its processes, old and new.

So, another example to savour over a Sunday morning coffee, “The Dying Art of the Photographic Darkroom” (followed by a question mark in my post title as I happen to feel there’s actually an emerging renaissance knocking at the door).

Very little compares to the gentle sound of slooshing chemicals in a peaceful darkroom…

Feb 132011

I have only ever printed three images for Andrew McConnell, who first came my way in 2008.

A stark reminder of how the ‘other other’ half live, those three images, however, are particularly striking and have remained imprinted on my mind ever since. It was, therefore, a pleasure to revisit them for Andrew last week and I thought you might like to see them too…

As Andrew writes:

“The images were taken in early 2008 in the province of North Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“At that time there were on-going clashes between the Tutsi and Hutu rebels in the area and many people were being forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in IDP camps.

“The camp in Kichanga was just beginning to form but already there were 4000 people in it and they hadn’t received any aid because the area was so remote and fighting was preventing aid organisations from getting in.”

Andrew McConnell, Congo

Andrew McConnell, Congo

Andrew McConnell, Congo

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