Jun 302010

Just over a year ago, Jack Lowe Studio started making prints with Alistair Hood.  This week I have been making some more but remember being struck in the first instance by Alistair’s style and knack for producing very gentle, quiet portraits…

Shot on the 39 mega-pixel Hasselblad HD39, the detail in these images is, of course, exquisite.  Along with the muted palette, Alistair’s approach makes for simple, elegant imagery.  Printed on Innova’s Smooth Cotton Natural White 315gsm with HP’s Vivera Pigment inkset, the finished prints really are special.

Alistair’s black and white photography invokes similar sentiments.  With such calm, engaging portraiture the viewer could easily feel they are sitting in the room with the subject.  A slightly different approach to printing these portraits, by using Innova’s FibaPrint Warmtone Gloss 300gsm, results in a more ‘analogue’ feel…

If you have a moment, do take a look at a few more of Alistair’s portraits in this gallery.

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