Jul 192010

Many moons ago, during my days of photographic assisting in London, I met Andrew Shaylor—an extremely talented and versatile photographer, able to turn his hand with ease to so many genres.

Whether portraiture, landscape, travel or automotive, Andrew’s photography is always a visual treat.

Little was I to know in those ‘greenhorn’ days that, further down the line, Andrew would become a client of Jack Lowe Studio and I would be able to work on making his fine art prints.

A few years ago, we worked extensively together on huge, striking pieces for his Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club exhibition.  This week, it has been great to revisit this project and make another large format print for Andrew—this time, ‘Sean & Nelson‘—with HP’s Vivera Pigment ink-set and Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm.

If you have a moment, do take a look at Andrew’s site where you will find more information on the HAMC series along with galleries of his other work…

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