Nov 022010

Last week provided interesting times at the Studio, not least through working with Anne Vibeke Mou on her latest piece.

Along with James Hugonin, also a client of mine, Anne Vibeke has been commissioned by Jamie Warde-Aldam to make one of two memorial windows for St. John’s Church in Healey, Northumberland.

High resolution scan of Anne Vibeke Mou's drawing for the Windows of St. John's Church, Healey, Northumberland

Left: Anne Vibeke Mou's Drawing | Right: The Window (Photography © John McKenzie)

Anne Vibeke commissioned me to record her original plan of the window—a large graphite drawing measuring 36x127cm.

In my usual painstaking manner, I scanned the drawing in six parts on my trusty Fuji Lanovia, stitching them together to make an enormous high resolution file—the detail of every tiny pencil stroke captured…

Detail from Anne Vibeke Mou's drawing for the window at St. John's Church, Healey, Northumberland

Detail from Anne Vibeke Mou's Drawing

Anne Vibeke writes:

“The piece is untitled and not an exact plan of the window, as each drawing I make is of itself and evolves through it’s own process.

“The making of my drawings involves the application of many tiny marks on a surface following a rigidly defined system of approach.

“The image evolves intuitively from this process as densities of marks vary over lengthy periods of time. The window was engraved (stippled) with a tungsten point and the image emerged through the layers of tiny opaque ‘stars’ created in the surface of the glass over months of work.”

A book has been published about the project—”The Windows of St John’s Church, Healey, Northumberland”

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