Jun 182012

The Association of Photographers (AoP) Awards 2012It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again — the Association of Photographers Awards are just around the corner and print orders are already flooding in from entrants who have successfully reached the second round.

When that much-anticipated email from the AoP lands in their inbox, I’m pleased that so many photographers around the country make Jack Lowe Studio their first port of call.

I take great pride and care in making the prints, many of which are shown in the Awards exhibition and book.  Below is a previous successful entry, Madagascar Sky by Kelvin Murray.

If you would like me to make your 2012 Awards prints, do let me know as soon as possible — Page 4 of my 2012 Price List should tell you all you need to know…

Kelvin Murray's 'Madagascar Sky' for the Association of Photographers Awards

‘Madagascar Sky’ by Kelvin Murray



Sep 062011

I love the Autumn, it feels like the next chapter.

With the ‘Summer’ over, the arrival of Autumn provides a brief chance for reflection on the year so far, before knuckling down to the winter months ahead.

In the lead up to a break at the end of August, I enjoyed a very busy time in the studio.

I was very excited to work with Andrew McConnell once again, this time for a show in Dubai (regular visitors may remember my previous post when printing Andrew’s Congo images).

Excited, not least now that Andrew has been crowned a winner of the hallowed World Press Photo contest.

Winning 1st prize in the Singles category, Andrew also won 1st Prize in the Stories category with his series The Last Colony.

Andrew McConnell, The Last Colony, World Press Photo Winner

Soldier of the Polisario Front | Tifariti | Polisario Controlled Western Sahara

Andrew describes the project in more detail:

“Having lived and worked in Africa for a number of years, I was intrigued by Western Sahara as it was always the country on that continent that I heard the least about. So I read the history and was shocked to learn that the conflict there had never been resolved and that tens of thousands of indigenous Saharawi were still languishing in Algerian refugee camps. I thought it was a story that simply had to be told.

The style of photography came about because I wanted the images to have a strong message: to relate to the outside world the Saharawi issue and the injustice. I wanted to give a sense that this is one long night for the Saharawis, one lasting 35 years. To show very little of the land emphasizes that they are landless, and very simply by lighting them in the darkness I was saying, “Look! These people are here!” Finally I wanted the viewer to see what I had seen; a people utterly forgotten, abandoned, out of the world’s consciousness: a people as ghosts.”

Andrew McConnell, The Last Colony, World Press Photo Winner

Bedouin Woman at Her Home | Tifariti | Polisario Controlled Western Sahara

The A1 and A2 prints looked stunning ahead of their shipment to Dubai, utilising one of my all-time favourite combinations—HP’s Vivera Pigment Ink on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm paper.

For now, I shall leave you with more images to enjoy from The Last Colony series…

Andrew McConnell, The Last Colony, World Press Photo Winner

Journalist | Tifariti | Polisario Controlled Western Sahara

Andrew McConnell, The Last Colony, World Press Photo Winner

Government Statistician | Smara Refugee Camp | Algeria

Andrew McConnell, The Last Colony, World Press Photo Winner

Camel Worker Near the Saharawi Refugee Camps

Andrew McConnell, The Last Colony, World Press Photo Winner

Friend of the Camel | The Desert Near Tifariti | Polisario Controlled Western Sahara

Andrew McConnell, The Last Colony, World Press Photo Winner

Print Detail | HP Vivera Pigment Inkset | Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm

Feb 092011

Simple is so often best…

Thus it is proven once again with Jonathan Knowles’ Chrome Water, recipient of a Gold Award in the Graphis 100 Best in Photography 2011.

As Jonathan writes:

“It’s always very exciting to be recognised in these awards, which appear in these beautifully printed books.

“It is particularly special this year, as the selection of works has been limited to 100. In our studio, we (me and all my very hard working helpers) have had three images chosen; to be listed alongside industry greats such as Albert Watson and Annie Leibowitz is a great honour. Thank you to all my team who help me make it happen!”

Jonathan Knowles' 'Chrome Water' Gold Award in Graphis 100 Best in Photography 2011

'Chrome Water' by Jonathan Knowles, System Work by Jack Lowe—Gold Award in the Graphis '100 Best in Photography 2011'

The publication carries quite a heritage, as described on their site:

“Graphis, The International Journal of Visual Communication, was first published in 1944 by Dr. Walter Amstutz and Walter Herdeg in Zurich, Switzerland. Graphis presented the work of fine artists and illustrators, as well as highlighting the formative years of graphic design as we know it today. Advertising and photography were also featured, and Walter selectively chose what he felt to be the best talent of the time.  In 1966, he introduced the Graphis Photo Annual, followed in 1973 by the Graphis Poster Annual.

“Graphis serves as a platform for outstanding work in Design, Advertising and Photography. To honor these professionals, we introduced the Graphis Platinum and Gold Awards.”

I have worked on hundreds of images with Jonathan over the years; it’s always a proud moment to pass one of our billboards or posters, stumble across an ad, spot another album cover or perhaps pick up an award or two along the way…

Jan 192011

Apple Wheel by Alec Finlay and Jack Lowe at the Northern Art Prize 2010Ahead of tomorrow’s award ceremony for the Northern Art Prize, I wish Alec Finlay the very best of luck—I’ll be there in body and spirit!

Alec, a long-standing client of Jack Lowe Studio, is one of the four shortlisted nominees.

A piece within his nominated body of work is a collaboration between the two of us, ‘Apple Wheel‘. The print I made looks perfectly splendid in the show alongside his other work…

As a reminder, you may like to spend a moment or two reading these three previous posts from 2010:

30th April 2010 | Alec Finlay’s Sky Wheel

15th June 2010 | Alec Finlay’s Apple Wheel

26th November 2010 | Alec Finlay & The Northern Art Prize 2010

Nov 262010

Back in June, I posted the great news that Alec Finlay has made the shortlist for this year’s Northern Art Prize, which I attended at the Leeds Art Gallery last night.

A collaboration between the two of us, ‘Apple Wheel’, forms one of his show-pieces.

I also particularly enjoyed ‘Mesostic Remedy, 2008’—Alec is a man after my own heart when it comes to detail and finishing…

It was fantastic to see the print I made for the show—a special one metre wide version—nestled among the other entries and so generously credited to the two of us.

Apple Wheel by Alec Finlay and Jack Lowe at the Northern Art Prize 2010

'Apple Wheel' by Alec Finlay & Jack Lowe at the Northern Art Prize 2010

The print, made on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm with HP’s DJz3200, caught many an eye.

Congratulations once again, Alec, and we look forward to January for the announcement of the winner. Good luck!

The exhibition runs until February, so do make the time to visit if you can…

'Apple Wheel' by Alec Finlay and Jack Lowe

'Apple Wheel'

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