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Eric Bainbridge, Two Sausages, Video Still, Limited Edition Print

An obscure beginning to a blog post, yes, and one that I feel is in keeping with the intriguing nature of my recent work with Sam Watson & Adam Phillips, Directors of CIRCA Projects.

I’ve known Sam and Adam for a while and I’m excited that we are now working together on a number of projects.

The first is the release of Two Sausages by Eric Bainbridge, a Limited Edition Print to accompany the forthcoming Video Show at CIRCA Screen.

A VHS video still, Two Sausages is perhaps one of the most lo-fi pieces I’ve made.

At first, the highly refined finishing of the Archival Pigment Print seems a curious juxtaposition with the origination of the digital file.

However, this relationship between two very different media (along with the playfulness and wit of the piece) simply adds a further level of enjoyment.

Eric Bainbridge, Two Sausages, Video Still, Limited Edition Print

'Two Sausages' by Eric Bainbridge | Print Detail | HP Vivera Pigment Ink, Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm

Eric Bainbridge, in conversation recently with CIRCA Projects, describes the sausage videos further:

“When I first showed them, I presented the two sausage pieces at the Gilmore Gallery in London (‘The Cavendish Group’ 1994).

“It was at a time when I had stopped making the big furry sculptures and I had just spent about 18 months messing about in the studio.

“So, the curator at the Gilmore Gallery wanted to do a show out of these diverse things that I had been creating in the studio and I wasn’t exactly sure that these things could be a show, but because I was doing some objects, some drawings, prints and various things — I thought I should have a video.

“At the time video was just becoming the mainstream, it almost felt like you couldn’t do a show unless it was a video show, so I did it as a deliberate act.

“I was interested in extending the possibility of an object.  I thought, if I make a video it would just sit on a monitor on the floor and it just became another way of presenting an object.  So that’s how it happened.  But I also like the idea that everything at the time seemed to be including video — so it was a deliberate ploy.”

Eric Bainbridge, Two Sausages, Video Still, Limited Edition Print

Eric Bainbridge | Two Sausages | Limited Edition Print | HP Vivera Pigment Ink, Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm

Video Show runs from 21st September to 21st October with a Preview and Artist Talk on Tuesday 20th September, 6-9 pm.

The preview event will feature Eric Bainbridge in conversation with British Art Show 7 and Modern British Sculpture co-curator, Keith Wilson at 7.30pm.

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