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“Expect the unexpected” is often the best approach when wondering into a new environment.

Travelling to Photokina with Paul Kenny in 2008, on the invitation of HP and Innova, we certainly weren’t ready for the experience awaiting us.

A truly bizarre event on a scale so very hard to describe.  So much hustle and bustle, much of which was composed of men wearing camera-shaped jewellery…

From the maelstrom emerged the calm of a new acquaintance, Jim McHugh.

We had a great couple of days with Jim — stumbling across this video of him on the Polaroid website brings back some happy memories:

Jim McHugh and Jack Lowe, Cologne, 2008

Jim McHugh and Jack Lowe, Cologne, 2008 (Photograph ©Paul Kenny)

Mountain, Jim McHugh 2010

©Jim McHugh 2010

  4 Responses to “Jim McHugh | From Hollywood to Cologne”

  1. Who’s the old guy in the hat.walking with you in I remember it, Jim McHugh was also so young and thin and cute! There must be some terrible mistake! ! Thanks for the nice plug Jack, great blog too..Jim

  2. Hi Jim, I’m glad you’ve seen the post and like it – hope to see you again some time soon… Best wishes, Jack

  3. That was a really memorable day……………..

  4. I love that image of the mountains and the sky!

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