Feb 162011

Welcome to Blog Post 75.

How appropriate that one small milestone should be used as a vehicle to describe another small milestone—the servicing of my main workhorse, the 44″ HP Designjet Z3200.

During the overhaul, I couldn’t resist capturing some of it for posterity.

I love these artifacts, as I can’t help but think of the story they tell.  Without its aesthetic cloak, the printer looks like some out-of-action robot awaiting new limbs.

The ink-soaked parts and surfaces are almost documentations or, indeed, artworks in themselves.

Anyway, I enjoyed looking, so I thought you might too…

HP Designjet Z3200 during a full service

My HP Designjet Z3200 looking not so useful!

HP Designjet Z3200 Service Station

The ink-soaked Service Station...

HP Designjet Z3200 Service Station

...now decommissioned and replaced.

HP Designjet Z3200 Carriage Drive Belt

Finally, the decommissioned carriage drive belt.

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