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An important new chapter on the Tyne and Wear Metro network launched today – the bold renovation of Sunderland Station.

After nearly a year of consultation and the artworking of some 270 architectural panels, Jack Lowe Studio’s involvement in this stage of a great project has come to a satisfying conclusion.  You may have seen my first post on the work back in March…

During the course of my work, I liaised closely with two of the three artists commissioned by Nexus – Julian Germain and Morag Morrison – as well as a string of contractors to pull together an enormous amount of photographic imagery required to sit within rigorous architectural parameters.

The completed work launched this morning amidst a swarm of media attention, combining with the illumination of Jason Bruges’ incredible 140 metre Wall of Light on Platform 5.

This £7m development marks the beginning of an enormous programme of renewal for the Tyne and Wear Metro network, a vital part of the North East’s infrastructure.

I’m very proud that Jack Lowe Studio been involved at such an intrinsic level on this project and glad to see first-hand that it is already a revitalising experience for Sunderland Station’s Metro users.

More images of today’s launch can be seen by clicking on the link to this web gallery

  3 Responses to “Nexus’ Vital New Chapter for Sunderland Station”

  1. Epic! I am so proud to think that you have done all this valuable work on such a major civic project. I just hope that I can soon find an excuse to ride the rails of the Tyne and Wear Metro and witness it for myself.

  2. Ace one matey, amazing how one’s working life can shift so much and you seem to have very naturally gravitated from advertising to urban decoration :-)) As long as you are equally happy then big respect bud ! 🙂 Glyn

  3. Hi Glyn,

    Thank you for your comments. Thankfully, my life is a mélange of Fine Art, Advertising and now this project seems to have opened an Architectural door too…

    So important in this day and age to have one’s horizons broad!

    Take care,


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