Jul 092010

Over the last few days, I have been making eight 1m x 1m Archival Pigment Prints for Nick Dunmur and Paul Harrison‘s show, ‘Edgelands‘, at the Wallner Gallery in Nottingham.  As Nick describes:

“The concept is concerned with the interfacial areas of land which are often overlooked in a country where land is at a premium, our population grows and we demand more.  The project hopefully challenges us to look at our inherited view of what the ‘rural’ and ‘wilderness’ actually is in this country.”

Nick and Paul’s work utilises traditional pinhole camera methods (above) alongside those of contemporary digital capture (below).  From the Press Release:

“Working in Nottinghamshire, England, over a 12-month period, photographer/film-makers Nick Dunmur and Paul Harrison use high-resolution digital and traditional pinhole photography to explore ‘wasteland’ at the interface between natural and synthetic. These are neglected, often forgotten areas where people and nature fundamentally affect each other.  Edgelands explores landscapes where these effects resonate in both people and environment.”

Also, discretely placed below each image, is the geographical longitude and latitude of the location, another interesting juxtaposition and twist in this new era of ‘geo-tagging’ photography…

The archival combination of HP’s Vivera Pigment ink-set and Hahnemühle’s Fine Art Baryta 300gsm is becoming a staple duo at Jack Lowe Studio when elegant gloss prints are required—used to beautiful effect here once again with Nick and Paul’s work.

The show runs from 16th July to 5th September 2010.

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