Jan 142011

Regular visitors to these pages last year will be no stranger to a special client of mine, Paul Kenny. His roots lie in the Manchester suburb of Salford and this post coincides with an online interview.

This week, I’ve been printing with Paul on the beginnings of a new body of work – ‘Field of Vision’.

The first two pieces comprised of Hosta leaves are now made and, on this Friday afternoon, I thought you might like to share in them.

The Archival Pigment prints look as gorgeous as ever with HP’s Vivera Pigment inkset on Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm (do take a look in the sidebar on the right for links to further information)…

Paul Kenny's 'Field of Vision, Hosta 4'

Working Title: 'Field of Vision, Hosta 4' by Paul Kenny

Paul Kenny's 'Field of Vision, Hosta 5'

Working Title: 'Field of Vision, Hosta 5' by Paul Kenny

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  1. Beautiful new work by Paul – can’t wait to see the prints.

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