Aug 122010

A visit to Paul Kenny’s studio is a treat, yet never the same treat twice.  The tools, materials and new works on his desks and shelves are always on the move, always changing.  A time-lapse project in this environment alone would be fascinating and that’s before we’ve got as far as the finished pieces.

And where is Paul’s studio?  The building adjoined to his home, a journey to the beach, or the beach itself?  All three, I reckon, as they are all an interdependent magical formula.

A revisited beach changes from one day to the next, revealing potential material for a new piece.  Even the glass slides carrying the beginnings of new works shift and alter according to climatic conditions.  A truly organic, stimulating and ephemeral world…

A small gallery showing more images of Paul Kenny’s surroundings is here.  If you are unfamiliar with his work, click here for a search result within this blog (or type ‘Paul Kenny’ into the Search field in the top right corner).

Of course, you should also visit Paul’s site

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