Once upon a time, I started my career in London as a photographer — one of the reasons, I’m sure, why Jack Lowe Studio has been so successful. To have this background is to understand my clients’ vision and requirements.

I always promised myself that I would re-embrace my photography one day.

Lately, I have been doing just that, resulting in the creation of, where I am gradually making my own work available to purchase as Archival Pigment Prints and Platinum/Palladium Prints.

Photographic Print of Bardsey Island by Jack Lowe

Bardsey Island by Jack Lowe, 2002

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  1. dear friend Jack I absolutly love this image,Congrats,,,see you soon ,I do comments in images ,but this is Awsome ,beautifull place

  2. Thank you, Maria! Nice to hear from you here too — do take a look at too if you have a moment… JL

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