Following an extended period of research, I am delighted to announce a new addition to the services provided by Jack Lowe Studio — Platinum/Palladium printing from Digital Negatives.

In collaboration with 139 Printroom, we are able to craft sensational prints by marrying old and new technologies; the finest analogue printing traditions from the 1870s and the highest quality digital printing of the 21st Century.

platinum/palladium printing from hp large format digital negative application

Print Detail | ‘Scafell’ by Jack Lowe | Platinum/Palladium Print

First developed in 1873, Platinum/Palladium prints have, for many, become the epitome of photographic printing; regarded as the ultimate collectors’ print, so stable that they will literally outlast the paper on which they are printed.

Famed for their long tonal range and delicate warm colour, Platinum/Palladium prints carry unique qualities for the viewer to enjoy, with their sumptuous luminosity and rich, velvety blacks.

It’s quite something to be able to visit a research centre and see Platinum/Palladium prints made in the 19th Century that are as good now as the day they were made…

This short video from George Eastman House explains the attractions of the Platinum/Palladium print further:

What to Expect

Ordering Platinum/Palladium prints is a little different to working with familiar contemporary digital processes, such as Lightjet or Inkjet…

Expectations should be shifted somewhat when working with such a traditional process, a consistent process but (in the words of HP) not one that is colorimetrically correct.

The rigours of strict Colour Management no longer apply in the same way, though consistent and expected results are achieved.

Print Detail from 'OS 206' by Paul Kenny, Platinum/Palladium Print from HP Digital Negative

Print Detail | ‘OS 206′ by Paul Kenny | Platinum/Palladium Print from HP Digital Negative


One of the attractions in working with Platinum/Palladium is to surrender oneself to the aura and beauty owned by this process.  The results will largely be as expected but also be prepared for the magical nature of the process to bring something other to the party, a dimension removed from the ubiquitous modern day processes…

The Digital Negative

The process begins with the production of a Digital Negative, which ultimately will be used to make a same-size contact print.

This involves passing the digital file supplied by the client through a sophisticated conversion process, printing the resulting file onto translucent film.

Digital Negative made with HP's Large Format Digital Negative Application

Digital Negative made with HP’s Large Format Digital Negative Application

When the process was first invented, photographers were limited by the size of print they could produce.  As Platinum/Palladium is a contact printing process, the film format used in-camera dictated the size of the final print.

Now, the approach is very different.  As I make Digital Negatives on rolls of translucent film with my HP DJz3200, much larger sizes of Platinum/Palladium print are now possible.

The Print

On completion of the Digital Negative, the Platinum/Palladium print can be made on a choice of beautiful papers, including Arches Platine.

When working with our clients, we are aware of the commitment being made to the process and are more than happy to discuss the finer details ahead of production — finer details such as the tone, size and presentation of the printed image.

Ultimately, you can be sure to have received a print made using one of the finest processes ever known to the photographic community…

Cloud Over Goswick by Jack Lowe, Platinum Palladium Print from HP Digital Negative

‘Cloud Over Goswick’ by Jack Lowe | Platinum/Palladium Print from HP Digital Negative


For pricing information, click here to download the latest price list in PDF format.

Our Thanks…

We wish to thank the photographers who have taken part in our research process.

You have been kind enough to allow us to use your already stunning images and make them into new, precious incarnations.

Also, our thanks to Angel Albarran of Hewlett Packard in Barcelona for all your help (so far!). As you say, “The full path is not trivial” and you have helped to iron it out for us…

Print Detail from 'Robbie' by Andrew Shaylor, Platinum Palladium Print from HP Digital Negative

Print Detail | ‘Robbie’ by Andrew Shaylor | Platinum/Palladium Print from HP Digital Negative

  4 Responses to “Platinum/Palladium”

  1. Jack kindly offered to make two prints for me. The one you see immediately above here and a landscape that I had made in America recently. When I received the prints yesterday, I was staggered at the quality. The range of tones and the detail rendered me momentarily speechless. As a photographer in this day and age, I see images everywhere and everyday, but these stopped me in my tracks…..really special. Thanks Jack. They are both on the way to the framers now.

  2. So glad you like them, Andrew, and thank you for taking the time to post… JL

  3. OS 206 is a very important image for me. It was on the preview card for my first London show at Purdy Hicks Gallery in 1998. It is fantastic to see it take on a new life using such a fabulous blend of old and new technology. The piece is a very beautiful object and hopefully it will be framed for my next solo show in London in 2012.

    Thanks Jack and Richard

  4. Well, that would be simply fantastic Paul. I’ll look forward to seeing it in situ… JL

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