Sep 062010

During the latter part of last month, I worked on a series of photographic pieces for Holly Lisle as part of the group show, ‘Feminale’, at the Banquetting Hall in Jesmond Dene.

Hosted by The Armstrong Studio Trust, these portraits look stunning with their nostalgic and theatrical feel—printed up to 2’x3′ using the beautiful combination of Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm and the HP DJz3200 with Vivera Pigment ink-set.

The photographs were originated on 35mm transparency – yes, film lives on in certain quarters!  The production process in the studio therefore began with high resolution film scans ahead of optimising the images for print.

We made one of the pieces on HP’s Clear Film, also measuring 2’x3′, mounted to great effect on mirror glass. The result?  A very delicate, metallic feel and quite an unusual sensation whereby the viewer seemingly becomes a part of the artwork.

A smaller work in progress during production in the studio:

Mar 172010

I have always bee niggled by the lack of ‘green credentials’ at Jack Lowe Studio to the extent that I’ve been hoarding used ink cartridges for quite some time now until suitable recycling programs have become available.

It may interest you to know that Epson now run a recycling program whereby they send out a large Epson-branded box to your workplace free of charge.  Once you have filled it with used Epson consumables, they come and pick up the box, again, free of charge!  Now, all I need is for HP to follow suit…

Then, of course, there’s the issue of paper.  Most of the prints I make are on 100% cotton rag – aesthetically stunning but not very ‘green’ by any stretch.  Recently, however, I’ve been making beautiful prints for clients on Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm, a substrate comprised of 10% cotton and 90% bamboo (from sustainable bamboo forests).  It’s a gorgeous, velvety paper with no optical brighteners so it has a warm, natural paper white (also increasing stability under different light sources).

Combined with HP’s Vivera pigment inkset, this really is the ultimate on the market today for eco-friendliness, quality and longevity (at 250 years).

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