Jan 262013

Well, we’re now firmly in the saddle of 2013 — I hope it’s started well for you…

I’ve had a great start to the year crafting prints for, among others, Messrs Germain and Kenny.

Following on from the Platinum printing successes of last year, I have also been making Digital Negatives in preparation for Richard Freestone of 139 Printroom to work his magic.

Towards the end of last week, you may like to know that I revised and updated my Price List…

Jack Lowe Studio 2013 Price List

It contains new pages dedicated to specific areas of printing:

  • Photographers’ Portfolios
  • One-off Printing, Editions & Exhibitions
  • Awards, Competitions & Degree Shows

The latter includes specific information on the upcoming Association of Photographers Annual Awards and the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize.

Please feel free to download your Jack Lowe Studio 2013 Price List and familiarise yourself with the range of services I can offer you.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with imagery from three photographers’ portfolios I’m delighted to have printed over the years.

Originally, I was going to choose just one from each photographer but I couldn’t do it!  So, here’s two from each for your delectation:

— Julian Germain

Launderette Kiss by Julian Germain

Launderette Kiss by Julian Germain

Julian Germain, Generations, Cynthia Rowe 68

From ‘Generations’ by Julian Germain

— Jonathan Knowles

Reading the Riots by Wieden & Kennedy for The Guardian

‘Broken Britain’ by Jonathan Knowles for The Guardian

Underwater Beauty by Jonathan Knowles

Underwater Beauty by Jonathan Knowles

— Simon Winnall

Karlo by Simon Winnall

Karlo by Simon Winnall

Dance by Simon Winnall

Dance by Simon Winnall

Mar 212012

Regular visitors to this site will know that the marriage of analogue and digital photographic practice is a hot discussion at the moment.

With such topics close to my heart,  I was very pleased to be invited by the University of Northumbria to take part in a group show being held right here on Hoults Yard at Unit 44.

Print Detail from 'Scafell' by Jack Lowe, Platinum Palladium Print from HP Digital Negative

Print Detail | 'Scafell' by Jack Lowe | Platinum/Palladium Print from HP Digital Negative

The photographers taking part:

Alysia Anne, David Bilbrough, Fiona Crisp, Agnieszka Kozlowska, John Lavell, Jack Lowe, Joanne Tatham & John O’Sullivan, Louise Todd and Ginny Reed.

It opens this Friday 23rd March — with the preview from 6:30pm until 9pm — and closes on 5th April.

Alongside the other photographers’ work, I’ll be showing a selection of my Platinum/Palladium prints made from Digital Negatives – if you’re in the area, do pop by…

Digilogue, analogue and digital photography exhibition


Jan 102011

Well, Happy New Year.

Already, we are safely on ‘the other side’ as work continues on Dan Holdsworth’s edition for his exhibition, Blackout, currently showing at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.

I have also been working with Colin Barker once again on further orders from his incredibly successful 2010 show, Part of the Pack, as well as with Mary Ann Rogers, scanning in preparation for her forthcoming editions of 2011.

Lately, I have had reason to leaf through my own photographic archive and I was pleased to stumble across my last works to date.

Made on 5×4″ colour negative film at Bolam Lake in Northumberland, all the way back in 2004 , I called them ‘Tree Spaces’.

Shot on a cold February morning, they seem highly appropriate to the current climate, so I thought you might like to share in them too.

Having already been providing digital services for a number of years by this stage, it was at this time that I realised I could no longer give my own photography the time and devotion I felt it needed. One day, maybe—another lifetime perhaps…

'Tree Space 1', Bolam Lake, Northumberland, 2004

'Tree Space 1', Bolam Lake, Northumberland, 2004

'Tree Space 2', Bolam Lake, Northumberland, 2004

'Tree Space 2', Bolam Lake, Northumberland, 2004

'Tree Space 3', Bolam Lake, Northumberland, 2004

'Tree Space 3', Bolam Lake, Northumberland, 2004

'Tree Space 4', Bolam Lake, Northumberland, 2004

'Tree Space 4', Bolam Lake, Northumberland, 2004

Jul 062010

Every now and then it’s going to be great to take the opportunity to write about a topic just for the sheer fun of it and this, in my opinion, is one of those opportunities.

Now, some of you will know that I started my career (and, indeed, childhood) as a photographer.  In fact, www.jacklowe.com (a site holding some of my hero images from the turn of the century) still breathes away quietly in the background and I occasionally sell editioned prints of my work.  One day I’ll take up photography again but as a hobby next time, as it was when I was a child.

My life is so full here in the studio these days that I rarely get the chance to make my own photographic works so, if I do, it needs to be easy.  I’m not a huge ‘app fanatic’ but a few days ago I stumbled across the iPhone app, Hipstamatic, in an effort to improve my camera experience on said device.  What a buzz!  It has been so much fun, tapping right back into emotions generated from those early photographic forays.

I have put together a small gallery of some of my favourite first images using the app.  You can also read up on the history of the Hipstomatic camera here—a blog from the camera’s creator.

Anyway, that’s all.  I just thought I would share this purely to spread the joy—it’s not every day one gets to acquire a new camera for £1.19!  I don’t have any affiliations with the Hipstamatic app creators, by the way, though I wish I had.

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